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Combining the Power of MATLAB® Software with Keithley’s Instrument Products

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MATLAB and Keithley

MATLAB® is a well known interactive software environment and programming language available from The MathWorks. More than a million engineers, scientists, and students use MATLAB for a growing variety of tasks, including:

MATLAB and Keithley
  • Data acquisition
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Waveform generation
  • Application creation, including with graphical user interfaces
  • Test system developments
  • Algorithm development
  • Modeling, simulation, and prototyping
MATLAB’s interactive environment makes it possible to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran. The MATLAB Instrument Control Toolbox lets you configure and control instruments, such as oscilloscopes, function generators, and analytical instruments, directly from MATLAB®. The toolbox enables you to communicate with instruments via instrument drivers, such as IVI and VXIplug&play, and commonly used communication protocols, such as GPIB, VISA, TCP/IP, and UDP. With the Instrument Control Toolbox product, you can generate data in MATLAB to send out to an instrument, or read data into MATLAB for analysis and visualization. You can learn more about Instrument Control Toolbox.

Application Notes:

Example Programs using MATLAB with Keithley Instruments:

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