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New products from Keithley

New Products from Keithley Instruments

2600B SMU family

Industry’s most powerful, fastest, and highest resolution SMU instruments now with three new “bench-top" models that offer best-in-class value and performance

Series 2600B SourceMeter® SMU Instruments
  • Four quadrant source/measure with 6½-digit resolution
  • Built-in "Plug & Play" Java-Based I-V characterization and test software
  • TSP® (Test Script Processing) technology embeds complete test programs inside the instruments
  • TSP-Link® expansion technology for
    multi-channel parallel test
  • Software emulation for Keithley's Model 2400 SourceMeter SMU Instrument
Model 2110 DMM

High Performance Capabilities
Now at 5½ Digits

Model 2110 5½-Digit Dual-Display Digital Multimeter
  • 10x faster and 2x more accurate than leading competitor
  • Thermocouple input with built-in CJC
  • Capacitance and 10 Amp functions
  • USB-TMC and GPIB (option)
  • 2000-point memory buffer
  • Unbeatable value
Model 2651A

Unprecedented Power, Precision, and Speed for Today’s High Power, High Current Electronics

Model 2651A High Power SourceMeter® Instrument
  • 2,000W of pulsed power, 200W of DC power (source and sink up to ±40V and ±50A)
  • 100A or 80V source and sink when two Model 2651As are connected
  • 1pA and 1µV resolution
  • 1µs per point, 18-bit signal sampling
Model 2657A

High voltage, fast response, and precise measurements of voltage and current

Model 2657A High Power System SourceMeter® SMU Instrument
  • Source or sink up to 180W of DC or pulsed power (±3000V@20mA, ±1500V@120mA)
  • 1fA low current resolution
  • Dual 22-bit precision ADCs and dual 18-bit 1μs per point digitizers for high accuracy and high speed transient capture
Model 2401

Most cost-effective SMU instrument in the industry

Model 2401 Low Voltage SourceMeter Instrument
  • Compact, single-channel DC parametric tester
  • 20W precision sourcing and measurement (1µV – 20V, 10pA - 1A)
  • Unprecedented low price
Models 2220 and 2230 Multi-Channel Power Supplies

Accurate, Versatile, Multi-Output Power Supplies at an Unbeatable Price

Models 2220 and 2230 Multi-Channel Power Supplies
  • Dual and triple output models with two 30V/1.5A (45W) channels and a 6V/5A(30W) channel on the triple output supply
  • All channels are independently controlled and have isolated outputs for maximum flexibility
  • All channels have remote sensing to ensure that programmed voltage is accurately applied to the load
Model 4200-SCS

Increase test throughput, reduce time to market, and test more types of devices

Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization Systems
  • Performs very low frequency C-V measurements
  • Tests more devices in parallel than with any competitive system
  • Up to 12 simultaneous ultra-fast I-V channels with pulse capability
Series 2200 Programmable DC

Outstanding performance, excellent versatility, and exceptional ease of use

Series 2200 Programmable DC Power Supplies
  • Five cost-effective models from 20V to 72V for a wide range of applications
  • 1mV, 0.1mA resolution
  • Low noise, linear regulation
  • Front and rear outputs and remote sensing for both bench-top and system applications
Series S530

Industry’s most cost-effective fully automatic parametric testers

Series S530 Parametric Test Systems
  • High throughput, high flexibility
  • Optimized for high-mix test environments
  • fA and µV resolution
  • Sources up to 1000V
  • KTE software for easy migration of older systems
  • Full Kelvin high voltage performance (with High Voltage Model S530)
Model 6482 Dual-Channel Picoammeter/Voltage Source

Two-channel convenience for twice the density in a bench instrument and lower cost of ownership

Model 6482 Dual-Channel Picoammeter/Voltage Source
  • Characterize electronic materials and devices for low current operation in labs, R&D, and production
  • Measure currents up to 20mA, measurement resolution as low as 1fA (10-15A)
  • Dual independent ±30V voltage source channels
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