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PCI and USB Accessories

For data acquisition solutions

Keithley offers a full range of accessories for data acquisition systems, from cables to signal conditioning modules to screw terminal boards. Some are general purpose while others are designed for specific instruments or applications.

PCI and USB Signal Conditioning Accessories

  • Accepts raw sensor inputs
  • Outputs high-level analog data
  • 1500V rms isolation
  • High accuracy (±0.05% of FS)
  • Module rack options

PCI and USB Cables

  • Standard cables
  • Shielded cables
  • Ribbon cables
  • General purpose and specialized

PCI and USB Solid State I/O Modules and Baseboards

  • Standard and miniature I/O modules
  • Sense AC and DC signals
  • Switch AC and DC loads
  • LED status indicators

PCI and USB Screw Terminal Boards

  • Simplifies connections
  • Place on desktop or panel mounted
  • General purpose and specialized
  • Boards, panels, and blocks
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