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Multifunction Data Acquisition (DAQ) Solutions

PCI boards and USB modules

Our economical PCI-based board solutions or USB-based modular offerings are ideal for multifunction data acquisition applications or DAQ systems. Our KPCI family features low gain, 12- or 16-bit resolution, and a choice of throughput speeds. Our KUSB modules make adding data acquisition system capabilities to your PC as easy as plugging in a mouse or keyboard. Within minutes, you're ready to measure voltage, temperature, pressure, etc., without opening your PC, complicated programming, or a long configuration time.

USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Modules

Model KUSB-3100 Economical Multifunction Data Acquisition USB Module
  • Hot swappable plug-in modules
  • 12 or 16-bit resolution
  • I/O speeds up to 500kS/s
  • 500V isolation barrier
  • Suite of software tools

PCI Plug-in Boards

  • Continuous, high speed data acquisition
  • 16 to 64SE/8 to 32diff analog inputs
  • 0 or 2, 12/16 bit analog outputs
  • 12 to 23 digital I/O lines
  • Up to 4 counter/timers
  • Pre-, post-, and about-trigger modes
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