Series 2600B SourceMeter® SMU Instruments

The most powerful, fastest, and highest resolution SMU is here!

Why a Keithley 2600B SMU?

Keithley Instruments pioneered the development of Source Measure Units (SMUs) over 20 years ago and is now the leading supplier of SMU Instruments worldwide. SMUs are precision instruments which are used for sourcing current or voltage and simultaneously measuring current, voltage and resistance with high speed and accuracy.

The series 2600B SourceMeter® SMU instruments are the industry’s most powerful, fastest, and highest resolution SMU instruments and are now easier than ever to use with USB 2.0 connectivity, Model 2400 software emulation, and built-in web browser based software. Perform quick I-V characterization with Android Devices using Keithley's IVy app. This family of models offers the industry’s widest dynamic range: 10A pulse to 0.1fA and 200V to 100nV.

The 2600B series includes six (6) updated models to the popular 2600A series SourceMeter® SMU instruments and three (3) new “bench-top” models that offer best-in-class value and performance.



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