2182A Digital Nanovoltmeter & Low Voltage Meters

Stable, low noise voltage measurements

Part Number : 2182A

Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter

Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter

The two-channel Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter is optimized for making stable, low noise voltage measurements and for characterizing low resistance materials and devices reliably and repeatably. A powerful digital voltmeter, it provides higher measurement speed and significantly better noise performance for voltage meters than alternative low voltage measurement solutions.

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  • Make low noise measurements at high speeds, typically just 15nV p-p noise at 1s response time, 4050nV p-p noise at 60ms
  • Delta mode coordinates measurements with a reversing current source at up to 24Hz with 30nV p-p noise (typical) for one reading. Averages multiple readings for greater noise reduction
  • Synchronization to line provides 110dB NMRR and minimizes the effect of AC common-mode currents
  • Dual channels support measuring voltage, temperature, or the ratio of an unknown resistance to a reference resistor
  • Built-in thermocouple linearization and cold junction compensation

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