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Volt Meters with Voltage Sources for Measurements, Monitoring and Testing

General purpose, high voltage, and application specific

Our broad-purpose, high-voltage, and application-specific voltage sources include multi-function instruments like our Series 2400 SourceMeter instruments and our picoammeters, electrometers and voltmeters, each of which features built-in voltage sources for volt meter applications such as resistance and resistivity measurements, beam monitoring and radiation monitoring, leakage current testing, I-V characterization on semiconductor and optoelectronic devices, and circuit test and analysis in DCLF circuits.

Application Specific Voltage Sources

Model 6487 Picoammeter/Voltage Source
  • Source voltages from 200μV to 505V or ±1kV
  • 5-1/2-digit resolution
  • Voltage burden <20µV or <200µV
  • Automated voltage sweeps
  • Low current sensitivity

Voltage Sources: High Voltage

  • Source voltage to 1100V or 10000V
  • Power output of 22W or 25W
  • Precision sourcing with low output ripple
  • Programmable
  • Compact, half-rack design

Broad Purpose

Model 2400 General-Purpose SourceMeter w/ Measurements up to 200V and 1A, 20W Power Output
  • V and I sourcing and measurement
  • Source from 1µV to 210V
  • Standard and custom sweeps
  • Contact check option
  • Automated testing
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