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Signal & Waveform Generator Instruments

Pulse, pattern, function, and arbitrary waveform generation

Our waveform generators include single- and dual-channel pulse, pattern, function, and arbitrary waveform generation solutions. Designed for a signal generator, our applications also have dual capability and replicate real-world signs precisely for use in high speed serial communication characterization, nanotechnology research, materials and semiconductor characterization, AC stress testing, and memory testing.

Pattern Generator Instruments

Model 3390 50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator
  • Programmable and pre-configured patterns
  • Patterns up to 16kbits long
  • Single and dual channel options
  • Test clock and data signals directly
  • Test immunity to real-world distortions

ARB & Pulse Generator Instruments

Model 6221 AC and DC Current Source
  • Highly accurate and stable waveforms
  • Rise/fall times as short as 2.5ns
  • Wide range of pulse width options
  • Single and dual channel options
  • Low current source waveform generator (6221)
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