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S530 Parametric Test Systems

  • Precise high speed measurements with automated probe stations

  •      Readily adaptable to new devices and
          test requirements
  •      Fast, flexible, interactive test plan development
  •      Compatible with popular fully automatic
          probe stations
  •      Options for 1kV, C-V, pulse generation,
          frequency measurements, and
          low-voltage measurements
  •      Compatible with Keithley's Model 9139A
          Probe Card Adapter
  •      Supports reuse of existing five-inch probe
          card libraries
  •      Proven instrumentation technology ensures
          high measurement accuracy and
          repeatability in both the lab and the fab

S530 Parametric Test Systems

S530 Parametric Test Systems are designed for production and lab environments that must handle a broad range of devices and technologies, offering industry-leading test plan flexibility, automation, probe station integration, and test data management capabilities. Keithley has brought more than 30 years of expertise in delivering a wide range of standard and custom parametric testers to customers around the world to the design of these test solutions.

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