Reliability Test

Reliability Test Solutions

S500 Integrated Test System

S500 Integrated Test System
  • Full-range source measurement unit (SMU) specifications
  • Pulse geneartion and ultra-fast I-V
  • Low or high channel-count systems
  • High voltage, current, and power source-measure instrumentation

4200-SCS Ultra-fast BTI

  • Stress/measure looping control
  • Compliant with many JEDEC standard test methods
  • Extensive pre/post stress/measure test libraries
  • Formulator for parameter analysis and line fits
  • Spreadsheet with analysis tools
  • Full-featured plotting tool


Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) Software
  • Interactive interface
  • Flexible test sequencing
  • Powerful stress/measure tool
  • Formulator for parameter analysis and line fits
  • Easy point-and-click analysis
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