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Circuits / Basic Electronics Labs Semiconductor Device Labs Nanoscience Research Labs
Typical Applications
Basic DC Measurements
Ideal Circuits, Elements, and Components
Basic Operational Amplifier Circuits
Diodes and Circuits
Transistor Circuits
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Typical Applications
Bipolar Junction Transistor Design
Junction Field-Effect Transistor Design
Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor Design
Solar Cell and LED Design
High Electron Mobility Transistor Design
Compound Semiconductor Device Design
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Typical Applications
Carbon Nanotubes
Semiconductor Nanowires
Carbon Nanotube FETs
NanoSensors and Arrays
Single Electron Transistors
Molecular Electronics
Organics Electronics
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Solar Cell Testing with Keithley's Precision Measurement Solutions

For more than six decades, Keithley has played a key role in research and academia by developing new measurement techniques and equipment to support cutting-edge technologies. Leading professors and university-based researchers around the globe choose Keithley products for teaching and for measuring equivalent trace levels of DC voltage, current, resistance, and temperature.
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