WS/143: Tips, Tricks, and Traps for On-Wafer Probing

This seminar will show the best practices for on-wafer probing and how to identify and solve common problems.

Those participating in this seminar will learn:
  • • How to cable for accurate low current DC measurements.
  • • How to cable for accurate CV measurements.
  • • How to cable for ultra fast and pulse IV measurements.
  • • The benefits of using Keithley-supplied cables and accessories to perform DC, ultra fast, CV, and pulsed IV measurements.
  • • Proper grounding and guarding techniques.
  • • Selecting the proper types of interconnect cables.
  • • How to troubleshoot interconnect problems.

This seminar is recommended for test engineers and test engineering managers who have a basic understanding of wafer probing. The content is appropriate for engineers working with on-wafer devices.

About the Presenter
Dave Rose is a senior staff applications engineer at Keithley Instruments, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. Dave joined Keithley in 1987 and has spent roughly half of his career in design engineering and the other half in applications engineering.

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